Display Advertising – What is Display Advertising?

We call display advertising or display marketing the ads that appear on the Internet segmented by the interests of the audience. This resource uses all types of multimedia elements ( rich media ): texts, images, videos, audio, interactivity…  

The big difference between display marketing and traditional advertising lies in the medium in which they appear. The first occurs in online environments and the second in the mass media.  




Advantages of display advertising

Display advertising has the following advantages:

  • Measurable:  Online advertising uses digital marketing metrics (impressions, CTR, frequency) and A/B tests to optimize your campaigns. Thanks to this you will be able to know at all times how to improve it.  

  • Segmentable:  The segmentation capacity allows you to direct your ads to the audience that interests you (location, gender, age…). This way, you can directly access your buyer persona. 

  • Visual:  By impact we mean not only the striking visual resources it uses, but also all the possibilities it offers in terms of interactivity.

  • Multiple payment types:  You can choose different payment methods depending on your objectives. Thus, the CPM will be ideal for enhancing branding, while the CPC will come in handy to increase conversions.    

  • Remarketing:  One of the great advantages of display marketing is that it is ideal for catching up with lagging users. With remarketing, they will be continually reminded of that purchase they left behind.  

  • Mobile friendly:  Display advertising campaigns fit very well with responsive web design, something essential given the growing use of smartphones to access the Internet.  

  • Wide variety of formats:  There are many online advertising formats: banners, pop ups, flash videos, page stealers, sponsored content… In reality, all online advertising is display marketing, so this way of advertising goes far beyond Google Ads.

  • Profitability:  Display ads have democratized advertising. This advertising resource enhances the reach of the brand and the campaign at an affordable cost for all types of advertisers.

Marketing display and CTA button

Whether in an email marketing or display advertising campaign,  the CTA (Call To Action) button that you decide to include in them will determine its success or failure.  In a world saturated with advertising messages, you must create a clear and persuasive call to action that the recipient cannot resist.

It is evident that no matter how striking, no matter how contextual or how responsive your display advertising is, if you are not able to include a good CTA, you will not achieve much. You can improve a lot and ensure the success of your campaigns by learning how to design email buttons.   

Now that you know what display advertising is and everything it can offer you in addition to what it requires, how about putting into practice everything you’ve learned today?