Design Thinking: what it is and what stages it has

Design is everywhere and design thinking is just what you need to take it to the next level. Still don’t know what this method is and everything it can do for your project? Join us to clear all your doubts.     

sign Thinking: Definition and characteristics


We call design thinking the methodology that designers use to solve customer problems. Thus, we start from their real needs to satisfy them in the most creative and innovative way possible.  

    • We could not understand what design thinking is without paying attention to its driving force: the client. In fact, this way of working puts the needs of the consumer in the spotlight . That’s why we say it is human-centered design.     

    • Versatility is one of the great virtues of design thinking . Certainly, this methodology can be used in all types of sectors and allows you to develop anything: from a product or service to a startup.   

    • The  preeminence of action  over ideas is another fundamental aspect when it comes to understanding what design thinking means . Certainly, experimentation and demonstrations take on decisive importance within this methodology.  

Stages of Design Thinking

The best way to explain what the design thinking method consists of is to structure it in five successive phases. Businesses as successful as Airbnb or Netflix passed through them and they did not do badly at all. Do you dare to follow in their footsteps?    


The first thing we must do as a team in charge of design thinking is to put ourselves in the shoes of the buyer persona . It is, therefore, about clarifying objectively what his thoughts, feelings and needs are.   

The techniques that we can use to carry out this investigation of the target audience are very varied: from detailed interviews to solving the 5 Ws : what, who, when, where, why and how. 


When we have already thoroughly informed ourselves about our target audience , it is time to identify precisely what problem we are called upon to solve. Once this theoretical need has been elucidated, we must verify that it really exists in the market.   


The time has come to sharpen our creativity to the maximum by holding a brainstorming session to generate as many ideas as possible. The next thing will be to select those that best fit a realistic solution to the problem we have defined.  


In this phase of design thinking we must materialize the idea resulting from brainstorming. To do this, a model is made to make the solution we had devised a reality. This stage is key to verify its usefulness and polish the details.    


The last stage of this method consists of testing the prototype to ensure that it really meets the needs of our end consumers. To this end, they are given the model of the product or service to test and their observations are noted.  

In short, design thinking allows you to solve complex problems in an original and highly satisfactory way for your clients. What are you waiting for to implement this methodology in your company? .