Deep links – What they are and what advantages they offer for your website

Do you want to know what deep web links consist of ? Surely you have come across the deep link technique more than once and not even realized it , while you are browsing the Internet and find a link on a page or App that redirects you to another website. We tell you what deep links are, what their advantages are and the types that exist.  



What are deep links


Deep web links consist of links found on a website or application that guide the user to specific content related to the main one, such as a post, a video, etc., and that are very useful for the user .     

These links are part of the strategy to promote your own content or to provide value to the user . For example, a mattress article may recommend a specific one, so it will offer a link that will take you to the online store where it is sold. 

What are the advantages of deep linking

The deep link directly directs users to specific content, which is linked to a series of benefits:

  • They improve the user experience :   The person who is browsing your website will have all the facilities to go to the content or product that you indicate with just one click, without the need to carry out other separate searches or extra steps.

  • They help in the indexing of content:  It will help search engines to manage the indexing of your website more effectively, therefore, you will be able to obtain better SEO positioning .  

  • They increase the visit time:  They help the user to increase their visit time on the page, in the event that the deep link directs to another page on your website. This helps reduce the bounce rate on your website .   

  • They promote the Apps:  When the deep link is created towards a mobile application, they influence the users who are interested to install it.

Types of deep link

The deep web link can be directed towards web pages or mobile applications. When we talk about web pages, the link can be opened without problem through the browser that the user has installed.    

However, when it comes to redirecting to a mobile app, there are several types of deep links : 

  • Basic deep link: It is the simplest and most used  deep link ; In a computer browser it will open without problems, but when it links to a specific application that the user does not have installed it is more complicated. In order to view the link, the person will have to have the application downloaded. 

  • Deferred deep link:  The deferred deep link will take the user to the specific site indicated by the link and will show the content if they have the app installed . If not, it will direct you to your application store to install the application, when you install it you directly access the content. 

  • Contextual deep link:  In addition to all the features of the previous types of deep web links, the contextual deep link stores information about the user such as where they want to go, where they click, what they share, etc. These types of links provide useful information to both the developer and the user , thus allowing customization and an improvement in the user experience.   

In short, the deep link is a very simple technique, easy to create and use . As we have seen throughout the article, it helps in the user experience on the website or mobile application, but it also has other advantages that can benefit your conten