CTR (Click Through Rate) – What is CTR?

CTR  is a metric that indicates the percentage of clicks that have been made on a link, in relation to the number of impressions that said link has had.
The calculation is carried out by dividing the number of times the link has been clicked by the number of times it has been viewed by users.
CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) x 100
The link can be located in an ad, an email, a banner, a  landing page…


The importance of CTR


This is one of the most important metrics we find in online marketing, since it helps us measure the effectiveness of certain actions or campaigns. If we are obtaining a very low percentage of clicks, it means that some element is not being as effective as it should be.

What is considered a good CTR?

Depending on the type of campaign we are carrying out, the CTR percentage will vary greatly. These are the ones that are considered optimal in the different channels. These are merely indicative figures, as there are many influencing factors (sector, competition, etc.):

  • Google Adwords:  According to Google, a CTR of around 2% can be considered good.

  • Facebook Ads:  According to the social network, a CTR of between 0.6% and 1.2% is considered optimal in its ad network.

  • Email Marketing:  A CTR around 10% is considered a good figure. This metric in email campaigns must always be related to the opening rate, since it reflects the clicks on the internal links of the emails that have been opened by subscribers.

  • Display campaigns:  A CTR greater than 0.5% is considered good.

Factors that influence CTR

  • Position:  If it is a search ad or an organic result, the higher the position on the page, the higher the CTR. If we talk about banners, the place where they are located on the page will also have a direct influence on the click rate.

  • Creativity:  A good title, description, attractive images or successful calls to action will increase or decrease the CTR if they are not the most appropriate.

Importance of CTR in SEO 

CTR is a very important metric especially in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, but what about organic results?
The percentage of clicks that your page receives in searches is also taken into account by search engine algorithms when granting or removing relevance. Therefore, it is important to have the SERPs (Search Result Pages) optimized with a good title, description, url and even microformats in order to be eligible to appear as a rich result (Rich Snippets), which significantly increase the CTR. and therefore, they will improve your SEO.