Buyer Persona – What is a Buyer Persona?

A  Buyer Persona  is the representation or archetype of the ideal customer to whom the marketing of a product or service is directed.
This is a fictional representation of a model customer, based on consumer research.  Demographic qualities such as name, age, sex, profession, and also psychological qualities such as fears and motivations are attributed to
the  Buyer Persona . It is a fundamental element in Inbound Marketing campaigns   since it helps generate content specifically designed to attract users who respond to the archetype.

Types of Buyer Persona 

We can differentiate between different types of Buyer Persona : 

  • Principal:  It is the user who makes the final purchase decision.

  • Secondary:  They are those who exert some influence on the main Buyer Persona . A distinction is made between Influencers, Prescribers or Recommenders.  

  • Negative:  These are users who have no intention of making a purchase but may be attracted to the content.

Information needed to create a Buyer Persona 

Buyer persona usually includes the following elements:  

  • Demographics:  Age, sex, marital status, etc.

  • Behavior: Keywords used in searches, time spent on social networks, reading email, etc.  

  • Challenges and aspirations:  Know the difficulties you face every day (for example, lack of time) and the aspirations you have (for example, facilitating certain tasks to have more free time).

  • Fears:  Fears or concerns that may negatively influence the purchasing process.

  • Objections:  Any possible objections you may have to hiring our service or purchasing our product.

  • Message:  The sales message that we want to send to this specific person.

Difference between Buyer Persona and Target   

The difference between Buyer Persona and Target or Target Audience , although they are two concepts that are often mixed, is that, while the first represents a specific person (although fictitious), the target audience refers to an indefinite group of people who They share certain demographic characteristics (for example: Women between 20 and 30 years old, single).    

Advantages of creating a Buyer Persona

The business advantages of creating a Buyer Persona are the following:

  • Provide greater segmentation capacity with the key users of your business

  • Help create relevant content for potential clients

  • Greater personalization in marketing messages and actions

  • Identify where your potential consumers spend their time

  • Guide them through the sales funnel throughout the Customer Journey