Brief(ing): what it is, its role in digital marketing and what types there are

When we order the decoration of our house we give a series of instructions so that it can be done according to what we want. If we order a vacation, we try to express our preferences to achieve the desired adventure. Well, the same is true in marketing and communication, and understanding what a brief is helps us  establish guidelines for commissioning a specific job .

What is a brief or briefing


If we take into account that the meaning of brief is “speed” in English and the meaning of briefing is “meeting to give instructions or information”, we can get a clear idea of ​​what it is used for.    

A briefing is a document that specifies instructions for carrying out a specific job or task . It is a very common document in the marketing and communication sector, although it is actually used in all types of sectors. In it, all the ideas and concepts necessary to commission a project from a supplier or an agency are developed. 

To know how to create a correct and detailed brief, you must keep in mind that it must be a concise and brief document, it must be direct and clear , trying not to provide irrelevant documentation. 

Importance of briefing in online marketing

When the virtual world did not exist, when commissioning a project or a specific job, the normal thing was a meeting between both parties where the client presented the necessary requirements for carrying out the project. Today, with the marketing brief , you can establish all the necessary lines to establish remote communication where all the bases of an order are specified , whether to establish an advertising campaign, a marketing campaign or content creation.  

Knowing what a correct brief is can help manifest the client’s exact wishes and desires. In this way, a good form of communication is achieved and it is possible to achieve the desired objectives; It is the first starting point to achieve a desired result.  

Types of briefing

It should be noted that there are no universal briefings , since each of them must contain the implicit requirements for the creation of a specific task . However, we can find the following types:   

  • Advertising briefing : In it, the advertiser must include with the communication manager the necessary guidelines to carry out the advertising campaign. In this way, the marketing agency will be able to carry it out according to the guidelines received.

  • Creative briefing : Totally design-oriented. It serves to inspire a creative idea where relevant and original ideas are obtained according to the client’s instructions.

  • Business Briefing : It must take into account general details of a project, such as the target audience, sales, objectives…

  • Marketing briefing : It is the detailed set of information to carry out a communication campaign that covers the client’s needs.

Knowing what a brief is is understanding the importance of developing prior documentation that explains the necessary requirements to commission a job or project. The more detailed it is, the more the instructions can be followed to have a satisfactory result. And as proof, we put the wording of this article, since it has been written according to the instructions of a briefing .