Bots – What are bots?

Bots are artificial intelligence computer programs that are created with the aim of automating Internet tasks. 

These assistants are programmed to perform certain activities, such as giving responses to users, sending emails or SMS, editing texts or scheduling appointments, among many other actions.

How bots work


Bots make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to carry out actions that were previously performed by humans. They are capable of processing human natural language, have the ability to learn to give better responses and can plan actions in various environments.

Now that we know what a bot is, let’s see how this type of intelligence is structured. In reality, there are numerous types of bots for various purposes, although not all of them are programmed with the purpose of helping us.

Types of bots

Bots can be divided into two categories: good and bad:

good bots

  • Web tracker or crawler:  A crawler in a computer program that search engines use to collect information from each website. Thanks to this software, the search engine can position the most relevant pages.

  • Bots for RRSS:  Network positioning is essential for a brand, which is why many companies use these computer programs to enhance their website. Bots, for example, are capable of publishing content in an automated manner. However, there are also other less ethical ways to apply bots on social networks, such as using them to inflate the number of followers.

  • Bots to monitor your website:  Bots can also be used to analyze the performance and uptime of a website.

  • Bots for sending mass emails:  This artificial intelligence software can be used to send mass emails. They are usually used with some frequency to attract users’ attention or to remind them that they left a product in their cart.

  • Chatbot:  These bots have the ability to simulate a conversation, which is why they have become very popular in customer service.

bad bots

  • Attack botnets:  There are bad bots, such as botnets that attack servers to infect computers. For this reason, it is important to have a server with security systems.

  • Computer vulnerability search bots:  When a bot has a flaw, a malicious user can use it to carry out an attack on the system. Therefore, it is important to have updated applications.

  • Spam bot: You probably already know about spam  bots , which collect email accounts to send mass mailings.  

  • Brute force bots:  This name refers to bots that try to access private areas by trying various password combinations.