Black Friday – What is Black Friday?

Black Friday  is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a date when most businesses offer discounts and special promotions.
In recent years it has become popular around the world as a sales date that inaugurates the Christmas shopping season. This inertia is followed by the sales on the following Monday, known as “Cyber ​​Monday”.
Year after year, this day becomes more important and more and more businesses, both physical and online, join the inertia of offering promotions, discounts and special offers to their customers.
For many businesses and companies, it has become the most important day of the year due to the volume of sales they achieve. The inertia has lengthened until we can talk about “black week”, with offers and promotions throughout the week.

The importance of Black Friday


Black Friday has become a seasonal date that has surpassed in importance others such as Valentine’s Day or the traditional start of sales. The sales volume on these dates is enormous and, for the moment, it is expected to increase every year. It has special importance in online commerce, obtaining data as striking as the fact that in the last one, more Play Station video game consoles were sold than in its 22 years of existence combined.

Black Friday y marketing online

Within a marketing plan, Black Friday and the days around it must have a very well-defined strategy. It must be taken into account that on this day there is great competition so it is necessary to plan in advance.

Marketing channels to sell on Black Friday

There are various online channels to communicate promotions and special offers. These are some of the most used:

Online advertising

Display networks, SEM, social ads and other advertising channels for both performance marketing and branding are common in Black Friday campaigns, but they have the disadvantage that, due to the volume of purchases, their prices will be substantially higher. on these dates, so there will be less margin to achieve a positive ROAS.        

Email marketing

Unlike the rest of the channels, the price of email marketing and SMS marketing will not increase. It will, however, increase the volume of emails sent, so your open rate will likely decrease in this campaign. That is why it is important to know how to structure an effective email marketing campaign on Black Friday.

SMS Marketing

SMS is another very effective channel to send your subscribers the offers and promotions that you have prepared for black week.

Ideas to increase sales on Black Friday

Some of the ideas that you can use to offer added value to your clients are:

  • Discounts

  • Promotions

  • Limited offers

  • Last minute offers

  • Freebies and gifts