Backlink – What are backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound links that reach a website through external websites. These links have the objective of giving authority to the content of a website in the eyes of the robots of the main search engines. Therefore, the more inbound links a website has, the more authority it will have.

It is important to understand that links within the website that point to external websites are not considered backlinks, as they do not provide authority to the originating website. You should not abuse them on the pages, since they can harm SEO by breaking up the authority of the pages that you want to position.  

Types of backlinks


There can be 2 types of backlinks pointing to a website:

  • “Dofollow” links:  These are the links that transmit authority to the website they are pointing to. They are the ones that are most interesting to achieve, since they help improve the SEO positioning of the destination page, facilitating the work of search engines, since it helps establish relationships between the content of both linked websites.

  • “Nofollow” Links:  These are links that do not transmit authority to the destination web page. They do not affect the SEO of a page in such a direct way, but they help give naturalness to the link building strategy. 

  • “Sponsored” Links:  Google recently implemented this tag and the “UGC” tag, which is explained below, and which it recommends using to indicate links for which it has been paid.

  • “UGC” Links:  This tag is used for links included in user-generated content, such as responses in posts or comments in forums.

Benefits of backlinks

Backlinks provide the following benefits to the website that receives them:

  • Improved SEO positioning:  backlinks provide authority to the website that receives them, which helps improve its SEO positioning and climb positions in organic search results.

  • Increase in incoming traffic:  another notable benefit of backlinks is the sending of web traffic from the site of origin of the link to the site receiving the backlink.

How to get backlinks

To get quality backlinks for a website, it is important to consider a link building strategy that helps get links in the following ways:

  • Guest Post:  guest posts or guest articles consist of writing a post on blogs that contain backlinks to the website you want to include interesting content for its users.

  • Broken links:  another of the most common ways to get backlinks is to find broken links on quality websites and contact their administrators to try to replace them with a backlink to the website we want. .

  • Social networks:  social networks are a great source of backlinks, since the content that is published usually reaches more people, who may be interested in it and share it on their blog or website, thus providing the backlink. Obviously, these links are usually of the “nofollow” type.

  • Offer help:  You can also get backlinks for a website by helping other administrators with their content or promoting third-party websites. This is the easiest way to get a backlink.

  • Press releases:  by writing press releases with a link and sending them to the media, if they have some relevance, we can get them to publish them and hopefully include our link to get the backlink.