B2E – What is B2E?

It is a form of communication and even marketing that refers to the techniques with which a company tries to “sell itself” to its employees. In business to employee, the organization becomes a product that seeks to position itself in the labor market.

It is used to attract talent and retain it once it is already in the company. Hence, job offers are increasingly commercial. Not only does it describe the position to be filled and the conditions that are desirable for candidates, it also talks about the company in the most positive way: good work environment, flexible schedule, appreciation of commitment, among others. The aim is to ensure that the advertisement is attractive enough so that talented people feel attracted to it and want to apply for the vacant job position.

The employee as brand ambassador

In an environment in which reputation is increasingly important for companies, their employees become the best ambassadors a brand can have, since they are the ones who know it best.

Here B2E takes on special importance as a form of internal communication. The better the communication between the brand and its employees, the happier they will be. Which implies that the organization will be able to retain talent and at the same time its employees will become their own clients and will recommend their products or services to third parties.

Advantages of business to employee in the company

This marketing towards the company’s employees offers several advantages:

  • It allows internal information to flow more efficiently.

  • Speeds up the integration of new professionals into the company.

  • Build employee loyalty.

  • Turn workers into customers.

Examples of B2E marketing

There are many examples of how a company can implement this strategy, but the use of email is one of the most effective tools.

More and more companies are using email marketing internally, creating a newsletter with news that may interest the entire workforce. The important thing is that this communication is in line with corporate social responsibility and the brand image. Thus making the worker who receives it feel identified with the content and the organization, feeling proud to belong to it.

This implies that the newsletter should not only talk about the results or objectives of the company, but also about social actions that it has carried out, its own employees (retirements, recognitions, etc.) and topics that interest them (job security , disease prevention and other topics of general interest).

The key to B2E is communicating without overwhelming. That the recipient of the communication—whether it is a job offer, a post on the company blog or a corporate email—wants to read the content and feels identified with it, perceiving it as something valuable.