B2C – What is B2C?

B2C or  Business to Consumer  is a type of business that focuses on  sales to the customer as the final consumer of the product or service  we offer. Therefore, it is a commercial relationship between a company and a private person. It should not be confused with  B2B  since it is another business model.

Different sales models: what B2C means


Within the B2C type of sale there are different sales models in which you can develop the business with the end customer. The most used models are:  

Direct sale

The product or service that is produced is sold directly to the customer , without any other person or company intervening in the sales process. An example of this type are manufacturers who sell directly to the public through an online store.


Buyers are put in contact with suppliers of the products  or services they need. There are many examples of this type of online business, such as eDreams, which offers products and services from different providers to the end customer.


Access to exclusive content is given through a periodic payment or subscription . This is one of the models that has grown the most in recent years. Some examples of this type could be Spotify or Netflix.

What is B2C in marketing

To know what B2C is in a marketing plan , you have to know that it aims to promote your products or services to the end consumer . This makes some factors such as the following become especially important in this type of campaign:     

Focused on emotions

Unlike B2B sales, marketing focused on B2C sales seeks to provoke an emotion or sensation in the end customer that they associate with your product . This is very important, since various studies affirm that most consumers make their purchasing decision in relation to perceived emotions. 

Sales-focused content

The content of the campaigns must be focused on selling the product to the end customer, so it must be able to attract the maximum number of potential customers . For this you will have to create relevant content for users, eye-catching and that encourages them to make the purchase .  

Brand identity

Above all, when you sell products or services directly to the consumer, it is necessary for your brand to generate trust in customers , as this is a factor that greatly influences the purchase intention of potential customers. For this reason, it is necessary to create a good brand reputation that generates a feeling of reliability and trust.  

Purchasing process

A very important part of B2C marketing is the purchasing process, that is, the actions that your customers have to take to complete the purchase of your product or service. It is necessary that this process be simple and can be completed in the fewest possible steps , asking only for the necessary information , since otherwise it can generate mistrust and cause customers not to complete the purchase.