B2A (Business to Administration) – What is B2A?


B2A or Business to Administration refers to the relationships and transactions that companies establish with Public Administrations online. That is, it covers all the services that the administration offers to companies to carry out their procedures online.  

It must be taken into account that B2A is only one part of e-government, since it does not cover the online relations of Public Administrations with citizens.

The main Public Administrations in which this type of services can be found in Spain are the Tax Agency, the City Councils and the General Treasury of Social Security.

Main B2A services


Some of the main B2A services that Public Administrations offer companies to carry out their procedures are:

  • Subsidies and aid:  there are B2A services that allow you to search for subsidies and aid from the State or the autonomous communities and access their processing.

  • Forms:  there are services that make it easier to obtain forms, information about their procedures and their presentation to the administration.

  • Company management:  you can find services to process company registrations and cancellations electronically, where you can also find all the information related to important issues in business management, such as the legislation it affects or accounting.

  • Public tenders:  the calendars of public tenders can also be consulted, as well as their calls and all relevant information about them.

  • Company taxation:  you can find all the forms on the taxes to pay, the forms to fill out, and you can even complete some tax payment procedures online.

  • Financing:  there are also services that allow you to access information and procedures on the official sources of financing that the State offers to companies.

Advantages of B2A

The implementation of B2A relationships between Public Administrations and companies has brought with it a series of advantages. Among them stand out:

  • Availability of information and procedures 24 hours a day.

  • Greater ease of access to updated information.

  • Less investment of time in completing administrative procedures.

  • Lower management expenses for both companies and Public Administrations.

  • Better understanding of bureaucracy by companies.

  • Security in the presentation of procedures.

Differences between B2A and B2B or B2C

B2B refers to electronic commerce between companies, establishing commercial relationships from one company to another without the sale being carried out to the end customer.   

B2C refers to electronic commerce carried out between a company and its end customer without the existence of an intermediary.    

On the contrary, B2A is not a form of electronic commerce like the previous ones, since it is not based on a regular commercial relationship, but on the relationships that companies have with the Public Administration, which may or may not have compensation.