ASP (Active Server Pages)

Web development uses different technologies to create dynamic websites that offer users a high level of interaction. One of these technologies is Microsoft’s ASP , a server-side language that is executed on the web server itself before it is sent to the client’s browser. 

With ASP you can access a database, manage access requests and add different types of functionality to a web page, e-commerce or blog.

What is ASP


ASP ( Active Server Pages ) is a technology created by Microsoft for creating dynamic websites . With ASP, web development uses Visual Basic Script or JScript (a version similar to Microsoft’s own JavaScript) to provide websites with dynamic functions. 

ASP Features

The main features of ASP net are:

  • Web development based on web forms.

  • Server-side operation (on Microsoft IIS or Apache servers).

  • Based on the code-behind model (the code is in a separate file or a special tag), to separate the content from the presentation.  

  • User controls for creating reusable components.

  • Access to ASP net applications hosted on the web server through the HTTP/HTTPS internet browsing protocol.

  • It is an object-oriented framework.

  • It can be used with Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems.

  • Compilation errors are easily debugged.

The way how it has evolved

The birth of ASP dates back to 1996 when Microsoft released its first version for free. The basis of ASP was VBScript, Microsoft’s own language for developing scripts based on its Visual Basic programming language.  

Currently it is possible to use ASP with other programming languages ​​such as Pearl or JScript, for example.  

The different versions of ASP net have been improving this server-side web development technology until it becomes one of the most used for the creation of dynamic websites .

The evolution of ASP has led to the new version, a true web programming environment for the development of dynamic websites, web applications that run on the server side and XML web services.

It is a framework that incorporates important components such as the Common Language Runtime and different programming languages ​​are available that support this environment (C# or VB, for example).

The jump from ASP to its .net version meant an increase in the possibilities of the language and a great improvement in the performance of the websites and applications developed. In terms of syntax, some changes were applied in this latest version to better adapt the environment to the current needs of web programming.

We have talked about ASP programming language and how it has evolved to its current version. In ASP language for the Internet, it is Microsoft’s commitment to creating dynamic websites efficiently and easily.   

Over time this programming environment has evolved until it reaches the current, with which it is possible to create a wide variety of different applications that run on the server side.