Agile marketing – What is Agile marketing?

Improving productivity is a process whose true key is knowing how to optimize available resources. In the case of online marketing, these are tasks that usually involve a fairly high dedication of time, but it is possible to speed them up if the appropriate tools and methods are used. In this sense, Agile marketing can be very useful.

What is Agile?

Agile is a set of methodologies that have been developed to provide agility and flexibility to project development, and that can also be applied in the field of digital marketing.

Trends among consumers change very quickly, what is current today is outdated tomorrow, and a new trend emerges that no one could have foreseen. This makes developing marketing campaigns very complicated, and this is exactly where Agile marketing comes into play.

This method allows us to tackle projects in which flexibility is essential to adapt to changing market conditions, also using this change to gain competitive advantage.

History of algorithms

In 2001 Kent Beck led a work team that gave rise to what today can be considered the principles of Agile marketing or the Agile Manifesto. They are the following:

The main purpose must be the satisfaction of the client and their buyer persona.

Changes should not be seen as a threat but as an opportunity.

Data and evidence have greater value than opinions.

You have to carry out small experiments instead of risking everything on one card.

Collaboration at all levels is the best way to work.

Joint work between the client company and those responsible for its marketing campaign is essential.

The teams must be multidisciplinary.

How is Agile marketing put into practice?

The essential thing is that the company has a clear idea of ​​where it wants to go with its agile initiative. You can use it to attract new customer segments or to improve certain parts of the conversion funnel, depending on the objective, some measures or others will be taken.

In order to work with this methodology, knowing the data and doing a good analysis of it is essential. It is true that tools can be very useful in this work, but work teams are much more important, since the success of the agile methodology really depends on them.

How to create a war room team or work team?

In Agile marketing, the tasks are fragmented and distributed among the members of the work team, which is why it must be as multidisciplinary as possible, and it is essential that there is good communication between all members and good communication with other departments of the company that may be involved.

What is sought is that the work team is perfectly trained to carry out the project and be able to do it as soon as possible, while having all the necessary tools available and with the fewest possible barriers to carry out their work.